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Productivity & Business Organization for Creators Who Know Life is Too Short to Worry About Wearing Matching Socks.  

If you’re a fun loving business owner, with over 12 tabs open now, who gets easily distracted and is drowning in a piping-hot bowl of “I’m so overwhelmed!  I have no clue what to do next!” soup — keep scrolling you’re gonna want to see this ….

Dear Fellow Wild-Child,

Who needs to finally get out of her own way, stop eating lunch & dinner over her laptop every night and telling her kids “I’ll just be minute!”…  but it always takes  an hour …

… I’m glad you’re here.

You see as a fellow chronic procrastinator, whose desk is covered in random crap, and who haaaates being told what to do (even by my Google calendar) – I totally get what it feels like to shoe-horn yourself into some Type A chick’s color-coded 90-day system, where every hour of the day is scheduled to a tee, only to find myself two weeks later still missing deadlines, getting like nothing done (even though you’ve been working like a dog for 14 days straight.)

It sucks.

And after taking a cold hard look at my business at the end of 2017 I realized instead of having the growth, sales and recognition I craved …  I was stuck with: 

> A hard drive bursting at the seams with half started courses & eBooks I never finished making.

> A Siteground account filled with random domain names I never did anything with.

> A podcast with barely any downloads and a cobwebs covered blog I never posted to, because I was “too busy” “networking” in Facebook groups and creating those half-finished products that would never see the light of day. 

Plus the sinking feeling I might have to do the unthinkable…  get a “real” job. 

I tried everything…


Fancy Paper Planners




Bullet Journaling




Calendar Blocking (Scheduling every hour of your day)


Using Timed Sprints (Pomodoro technique)

… to get my act together.  I didn’t have the money to hire anyone so I was doing EVERYTHING myself but nothing stuck until…

I found Trello.

This magical little free app, that lets me organize things in the way that made sense to my visual brain. I could create lists, move task cards to a “done column” when I was finished *the gamer part of my brain LOVED that*.  I could change the backgrounds of my boards so they looked pretty & I actually wanted to use them, unlike all those other apps that look jenky.  (No thank you.)

But one of my favorite features of Trello is being able to create checklists of all those teeny-tiny steps that go into a seemingly simple task like publishing a blog post.

There are at least ten little steps that go into creating & publishing a blog post, like researching, SEO, outlining it, writing it, proofing it, formatting it, creating graphics, adding an Opt-in form, create pins, setting a pin in Social Warfare, hitting publish, adding to Tailwind, creating more pins, promoting it on Instagram, promoting on Facebook etc.

No wonder “write a blog post” has been staring at you in the face from your to-do list for two weeks – there’s a lot of things to accomplish.

But with Trello you can keep track of all of the moving parts and give yourself credit by checking off these tiny to-do’s every time – which helps build momentum and that is truly the key to keeping us motivated and moving forward.

And because I’ve been able to tap into this motivation and momentum I’ve been able to accomplish amazing things like build a six-figure course business helping people I love, making sales every day (because I’m actually finishing things) and hiring some help (don’t worry my team and I still use Trello every day.)

I credit much of my success for actually getting things done & making that money, to the Trello Boards & Workflows I’ve created.  All of which you can find in…

Trello Magic is an entire business systems & video course built in one.

It’s essentially a business in a box so you don’t miss a single step while carving out your profitable corner of the interwebs.


  • Not sure what do after you publish a blog post so people actually read it?  We’ve got your entire promotion plan laid out for you, click-by-click.
  • No clue what you need to do to launch your digital course?  Not only am I going to tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you when to do it, to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Worried that tech gremlins will take over your webinar?  You’ll get a pre and post webinar checklist to make sure no small task slips through the cracks.
  • Trying to get on podcasts or landing blog posts but you can’t remember who you pitched to when, and with what idea?  Trello Magic will show you how to keep track of EVERYTHING so you get the traffic and brand recognition you deserve.

 No clue what you should be focusing on now, because you have soooo many ideas in your head and things you want to get done? Trello Magic helps with that too.  Here’s how:

Step 1: Get Acquainted with Trello

Quickly learn the Trello ropes.  In no time you’ll be creating boards, lists, checklists, cards and setting due dates. 

Step 2: Narrowing Down Your Big Goals + Semi-Organize Your Day

Look we both know you have a lot of things you want to get done.  I”ll give you a simple system for narrowing down which goals to focus on now, and which you can save for later (because now you won’t forget about or lose them.)

Step 3: Watch the Lessons + Upload the Pre-Made Trello Boards that Lay Out Exactly How to Reach that Goal You Crave

While you’ll have life-time access (and unlimited downloads) of all the boards in Trello Magic, I find the students who start with 3 or 4 boards tend to have the fastest results. 

Your TRELLO COURSE….. it’s SO much more than a few boards and lists. This is a FULL BLOWN Business Strategy 101…

In-Depth Dive into everything you know about online business;…….Holy you-know-what balls. I can’t wait to dive in and get my -ish organized (once and for all!). Bring it on!

Alyssa Turner Cairns

Home Design Consultant For Busy Families, Founder of the Design Mastermind | MomHive

While other Trello courses charge you $29-$47 for a handful of boards, with Trello Magic you’ll get access to over 27 boards, countless workflows and a boat load of easy to follow Trello quick tips:  like how to use Butler (Trello Automation), how to use Trello with a VA & how to make it so you never have to worry about losing another email in your inbox again #win. 

Let’s take a peek inside:

Best Trello Course Trello Magic Trelloing For Traffic

Trello Basics Bootcamp

After this module you’ll know:

  • How to set up your own board from scratch including how to think like a Trello-er.
  • How to set deadlines & create labels.
  • Change your board backgrounds.
  • Make your cards pretty.
  • Connect your Trello Boards to Google Calendar.
  • Learn how to manage your inbox with Trello so you NEVER use an email again. 
  • 4 Best Tips for Sticking with Trello.

Trello for your Content

In this module you’ll find:

  • Your Content Calendar (Editorial Calendar Board) including Vlogging workflow.

  • Podcast Workflow Board.

  • Guest Posting, Podcast Interview & Tag Team Webinar Request Flow Board.

Trello for your Sanity

In this module you’ll find:

  • Business Systems & Processes Dashboard. 
  • Your Goals/Yearly Promotional Calendar Board (and learn how to prioritize like a champ.)
  • Weekly Planner Board.
  • Daily Planner Board.
  • Idea parking lot Board.
  • “Stuff I don’t want to lose” Board.

Trello for your Digital Sales

In this module you’ll find:

  • Mega Launch Board.
  • Wow ’em with the Webinar Board.
  • Course Creation Board.
  • eBook & Physical Book Creation Workflow Board (including How to self-publish on Amazon.)

Trello for your Website

In this module you’ll find

  • The 30 day Blog Launch Board.
  • Building/Rebranding your Website Board for Coaches, Service Providers & Freelancers.

Trello for your Email List

In this module you’ll find:

  • Email Marketing Strategy Board.
  • Freebie Creation Board.
  • Sales Funnel Board.
  • List Building Contributor Giveaway Board.
  • Summit Board.

Growing and running your business just got a WHOLE lot easier for just…

 $79 $24

But Don’t Forget About the Bonuses…

Bonus #1 - Trello with your Team

When you’re ready to bring on a VA, OBM or Contractors you’ll know:

  • My must-have tips for setting up your Trello Teams for Free.
  • How to best use Staff Members & Delegate Work.
  • How to automatically add team members when tasks are ready for them.

This is a “living” bonus, meaning as my VA and I discover cool Trello workflows & hacks that work for us we’ll show them to you.

Bonus #2 - Butler Bootcamp

In 2019 Trello Added an Extra Automation Feature Called Butler.  In this bonus you’ll learn how:

  • to automatically get cards to show up every Monday (or any other day of the week.)
  • When someone tags you on a card with that task, it magically shows up on your daily board.  
  • to make it so when a due date gets close, the card “jumps” to the top of your to-do list.

New lessons are added to this bonus all the time because you can do SOOOOO much with Butler.

**Please note some functionalities do require you to upgrade from the free Trello account to Trello Gold which is about five dollars a month.**

Bonus #3 - Advanced Trello Hacks

Here we’re kicking your Trello-ing up a notch.  You’ll learn

  • What Power-Ups are, and which ones are worth your time.
  • How to set it up so every time you open up a new tab on your browser you see one of your Trello Boards.
  • How to arrange your list vertically or in a grid.
  • How to see what the next item is on a checklist in a card without opening it up.
  • Time saving a Trello hacks that everyone should know.

Look, you weren’t meant to join this program if you’re already an ultra ‘Type A’ person who gets off on color-coded binders.

This program was built for uber creative, easily distracted, always   running “five minutes late to everything” type of entrepreneurs.

And it will be an honor – from one “life is too short to wear matching socks” business owner to another – to help you wrangle in your brain, so that you can get out of your own way and FINALLY earn the income and impact you deserve.

Because your people need you.  But if you’re not getting yourself out there consistently or you’re missing deadlines you won’t be able to help anybody and that would be a shame.

Let’s do this, together.


Just $24

Is it right for me?

Wait, what’s Trello again? And if Trello is free, why is this $24?

Trello is the best free online task management tool out there.  Built for uber creatives (like you) who are more visual learners that are sick of being so frazzled all the time.

The reason why Trello Magic is a one time fee of normally $24 is because Trello Magic contains my proprietary systems and processes for running my successful online business.

It’s like I’m literally handing you the playbook for printing money doing something you love.

But I’ve tried other apps like Asana or Airtable (even Trello). Should I still get this?

The reason why they didn’t work as you thought they would is because you were handed a completely blank slate that you could stuff to the gills with over complicated systems and workflows that would just leave you feeling more guilty for not using them.

That is, if you had the time to set them up in the first place.

But I’m sooooo a paper-person. I don’t do digital.

Welcome to the club Homeslice.  The truth is, I’m completely addicted to buying pretty journals and legal pads, from Target, (and don’t even get me started about my colored pen collection.)

But the truth is, I kept on losing everything!  As a natural born clutter-bug I would scribble an idea for a project on my notebook, then another for the same project on a different scrap of paper.  I was constantly losing things.  But Trello doesn’t lose anything!

Everything i could need for a project is right here.  Including graphics.  Plus my teammates can’t see my notebooks but they can see my Trello Boards.

But really the choice is up to you.

But I suck at tech. Is Trello hard to learn?

Once you get the hang of Trello (which I teach you click-by-click) in the basics section.  You’ll be singing Trello’s praises to everyone.

But I’m not a blogger, is this still good for me?

Yes!  I’m not just a blogger either.  In fact, inside Trello Magic, you’ll find my entire Podcast workflows complete with tech recommendations and a YouTube upload checklist, to help you show up higher in search results.

Okay so how do I to get at the boards?

Awww, that’s cute you think you’re just getting the boards.  Nope!  Every single board comes with a complete video mini-tutorial where I give away even more of my marketing and biz secrets away.  Plus pointers on how to best utilize each board in your daily life.

But to answer your original question, this course is housed on the self-hosted platform – which means after you go ahead and smack the buy button. You’ll be emailed a unique username & password.  So you can access the course in the member’s area.  At which point I’ll show you on a video and with pictures how to migrate my boards to your free trial account.

But what if Trello Magic stinks?

As my friend Courtney says – “The only R word you’ll be thinking about after diving into this course is Referral.”  So sorry, since I stand 100% behind this course and saw the success of my beta students – this bad boy is a use it or don’t buy it type of program.

Let’s do this, together.



Just $24

Your results fromTrello Magic may vary from other students. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, income, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors that would make this selection all toooo long. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. But if you implement, and constantly use this product you should see a difference however small. Note this course is not affiliated or officially associated with Trello, Atassian or Todd Herman of the 90 Day Year. 

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